Community Services

We realize everyone can use a helping hand which is why we’re committed to providing education and awareness to our community.


Perspective on Finances
The first and truly most important aspect of financial planning to consider is your purpose. Your purpose in life and the purposes that God calls you to will have a tremendous impact on the way you manage the resources God has given you.

If you understand your life’s purpose first, you will become more effective in your day-to-day living and clearer about the financial decisions you need to make. This series of training sessions will focus on the following basic steps in the financial planning process:

1. Goal Setting
2. Creating A Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement
3. Develop a Budget & Financial Plan
4. Assess and Adjust

Sexual Abuse
Education and programs designed to help children and adults heal from the effects of rape and sexual abuse and reducing risk through therapy, education, training and advocacy.

Domestic Violence
Outreach to victims of domestic violence with programs designed to keep women and children safe.

HIV/AIDS Awareness
Education and prevention programs focusing on the dissemination of information and resources within our communities. Specifically, we try to target those communities who may not otherwise have access to this awareness and support.

Sunshine to Seniors
To Serve With Love brings sunshine to the seniors of Hunter Woods Nursing and Rehab. To Serve With Love brings much needed toiletries, games, fun events and lots of sunshine to our seniors.

To Serve With Love
Once a month volunteers gather to feed those in need and carry grocery to the elderly throughout the community. Thanksgiving and Christmas are especially difficult times and we triple our efforts by requesting food and clothing donations for families in need.

House of Refuge
The House of Refuge will be a facility designed to ­foster hope, emotional well-being, and ­economic ­empowerment. The facility will serve ­individuals as well as families through ­transition housing, various education and vocational training ­programs, counseling services and community involvement.

House of Rahab
Future Project. The House of Rahab is a supportive housing program for homeless women, ages 18-65. Women ­transitioning from homelessness to self-sufficiency will be provided with education assistance, job skills ­training and social services designed to instill self-confidence, independence and hope for better ­tomorrow.